The Story Behind Ghillators

The idea for the perfect ghillie brogue came after a soggy competition trip to Scotland in 2007.  After slopping though the Bridge of Allan Highland Games and the watery 2007 World Pipe Band Championships on Glasgow Green, my ghillie brogues were water-logged and destroyed.  Having to pack my brogues for a flight back to the States the next day was their doom and I had no choice but to replace them. 

I replaced them with what I thought would be a marvelous improvement . . . new leather ghillie brogues!  After all, they had purported to be comfortable and made especially for a bandsman!  However, comfortable they were not.  They simply hurt.  After a weekend of wearing them, my feet were bruised, in pain, and achy.  It was at this point that I decided to pursue the creation of a comfortable, cleanable, and contemporarily styled ghillie brogue that still had the traditional ghillie brogue appearance.

I worked closely with designers, engineers, and a cohort of actual pipe band members to develop and test the Ghillators™ prototype.  Feedback from these testers proved valuable and modifications were made to the original prototype and Ghillators™ debuted in Fall 2009.