Ghillators™ Ghillie Brogues

image of Ghillators brand ghillie broguesDesigned to replicate the authentic look of the traditional ghillie brogue, Ghillators™ are formed from specially designed, light-weight elastomeric polymers. They are water resistant and maintain excellent shock absorption . . . making Ghillators™ incredibly comfortable and easy to keep clean.  Ghillators™ are truly comfy, clean, and contemporary and are said to be “The world’s most comfortable ghillie brogue.”

I play with SLOT and was interested to see what they'd [Ghillators]be like compared to the normal leather ghillie brogues. I emailed Jeff and had them within a week. The first shock is the weight - they're featherlight. Wore them at our first competition in Dungannon last weekend. Normally,my feet are aching by the time the marchpast comes round and I can't wait to get out of my ghillies but the Ghillators were absolutely fantastic and I'll be using them from now on. By far,THE most comfortable pair of ghillies I have ever feet weren't hot and sweaty in them either,which was a bonus...Well done, Jeff.......great product!, Ronan Maguire, St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band, 2010 World Pipe Band Champions


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Ghillators™ vs. Leather Ghillie Brogues

side-by-side image of Ghillators and leather ghillie brogues